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ICDF International

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ICDF (International Christian Dance Fellowship) is a network of Christians who are passionate in expressing and deepening their faith in and through dance and movement.  It is a not-for profit organisation run by volunteers and supporters who freely give of their time, gifts and financial contributions.  ICDF was formed in 1988 and ICDF Aotearoa New Zealand was its first international member country.

Visionary founder Mary Jones (OAM) originally formed this community in Australia in 1978 which has now grown to have connections in over 30 countries.  This community is non-denominational, it embraces all ages, is open to all styles of dance and movement, and all training and abilities.  ICDF is a community with the vision of making new connections and creating spaces for diversity within unity among its members and friends of the organisation.

Banner Dancing Ghana 2016.jpg
ICDF Gathering 2016 - Flags & Banners presentation - Ghana, West Africa
ICDF Gathering Sweden 2022 - Parade of  Nations
ICDF Gathering 2019 - Tambourine Workshop
ICDF Joint 
International Coordinators 
IMG_Tak Tak Tong.jpg
ICDF Gathering 2019 - Tak Tak Tong, Indonesian Christian Dance
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